Communication, Communication, Communication

Real estate agents always the top 3 considerations buyers should consider when buying a property are location, location, and location! As a learning leader, I am beginning to believe the the three most important considerations for us, as learning leaders, is communication, communication, and communication.

We can have the best ideas for teaching, the most up to date research on best practices, and even have the best relationships with all stakeholders; but if we don't communicate the key messages that we want to get across, if we don't frequently share those messages, and if we aren't careful to not contradict ourselves our most important initiatives will get derailed.

Are there occasions where you, as a learning leader in the school, do not either verbally or non verbally communicate less than 100% support for school strategic directions? Because when we do that we may inadvertently send mixed messages to staff. Of if there is any disconnect between what you and other school leaders say there might that perception. This can be eliminated if enough time is spent clarifying the key messages ahead of time as much as possible and really be intentional about email communications, PLC talking points, and leadership meeting topics. 

This doesn't mean you need to be a blind follower. Leaders do have disagreements and there needs to be healthy discussions of those differences. But those conversations should be apart from the staff. We can argue it out and come up with the best idea or directions as leaders and hopefully decisions will be based on data, research, and what's best for the kids.

But once your leadership team has consensus - do your best to define those key messages and communicate them over and over again in many different ways. Teachers are busy and have limited band width for hearing what you have to say - do your best to keep your messages clear, consistent, and frequent. We'll talk more specifically about how do this in a later post.

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